Andrea R.

Andrea R.

My favorite race

I’ll sign up for anything on the trails!

Started running


I run for the joy of being out in nature and to push my limits. I love doing things I never thought I could do.

Next Race

My next race is the Croom Fools 50K and I am hoping to finish with a smile on my face!

Running Goals

My running ambition is to someday run with my children and share some of my favorite places with them. My second choice is to take off with my husband and pups and do some camping and running through the National Parks.

Dream Race

So hard to decide as there are so many beautiful locations, but within the US, I want to run anywhere there is a welcoming trail community, maybe in Ashville, NC and outside the US, pretty much any trail race in New Zealand,  Iceland or Israel.


I love to try new shoes as the styles are always changing. Right now, I’m loving my Hoka Speedgoat 3, Bondi 6 and Salomon Speed Cross 4.

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